Zombology Card Game

3-8 players, 15 minutes, ages 10+

Zombology is a semi-cooperative card game for 3 to eight players. The hand-crafted edition has now sold out, but it is still available to buy as a Print and Play.

The Zombie Plague is decimating humanity. In their desperation, the governments of the world have turned to you and your peers, 'scientists' who believe Healing Crystals and Magnets are cures for everything.

This is your chance to shine, to finally prove to the world you're not a crackpot. So intent on redeeming yourself you are prepared doom humanity rather than be proved wrong and face the ignominy and shame again. You have only eight rounds to work with your peers and save humanity... or not.

In this quick semi-cooperative card drafting game you are trying to work together in emergent teams to build up enough evidence to cure the Zombie Plague, while simultaneously stopping another team from winning the game without you. You have eight weeks to become a hero or destroy everything. Have you got what it takes to save the world... with A Nice Cup of Tea? Or Homeopathy?

You can read the rules of Zombology here and a FAQ here.

Zombology is now only available in Print & Play form.

Zombology box
"Zombology has that 'just one more game' replayability, so even if you're shafted in one game it makes the next win all the more precious."
Tim P., UK