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What is FlickFleet

FlickFleet is a fast, fun spaceship battle dexterity game. Flick your ships into position! Flick dice at your opponent's ships to damage them! We are returning to Kickstarter for the fourth time on 23rd March with yet more exclusive content and a chance to get the base game.

It's an indie labour of love made by Paul and Jack of Eurydice Games in their homes in the UK. Watch the tutorial below to find out why it has an average rating of 8.2 on BGG:

It usually plays in about 20 minutes, but if you want a longer game you can build larger fleets with the ships in the box:

FlickFleet components
The Campaign

This campaign introduces several Kickstarter-exclusive add-ons to FlickFleet. You will also be able to get the base game and we have a small number copies of the first expansion left too. This time we've included a bunch of Add-Ons designed by FlickFleet fans (don't worry - they are getting a credit and a royalty payment!).


Here are a few reviews of FlickFleet:

"FlickFleet is perfectly pitched, I believe, threading a thin vein of strategy and a wide seam of tactical play through the slightly-managed chaos of dice-flicking."
Game Night Guru
"It's got all the highs and lows you'd want from that sort of competitive dexterity game - it's great!"
Board Game Barrage
"The table erupts in laughter, the tension of the moment cut by absurdity of trying to accurately flick a 10-sided dice across the table. This is FlickFleet, and it's great."
Raf Cordero,
Ding and Dent
"It looks gorgeous, feels lovely, challenges you in both strategy and dexterity. It's nothing short of miraculous."
Ann Jones,
Cards or Die
"FlickFleet is the sweet love child of dexterity games and tactical miniature titles. It works so well that it makes you wonder why no-one thought to marry them earlier."
Matt Thrower,

FlickFleet has already funded three times on Kickstarter:

Can't wait for the Kickstarter? We have the base game and the first expansion in stock now.

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