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We are currently hand-crafting copies of FlickFleet for our Kickstarter backers. If you would like a copy after we've finished doing the Kickstarter copies, please

Pre-order FlickFleet via email

Can't wait? If you have access to a laser-cutter and a printer you can order the print and play version of FlickFleet by clicking on the Buy Now! button below. For only £6 you get the files you need to make you own copy of the ships, rules and ship dashboards, you'll also need a couple of dice and some wooden discs and cubes (details in the readme file). As with Zombology, if you later choose to buy a hand-crafted copy, we'll discount the £6 you've already paid from the price.


Zombology is now available for world-wide delivery. Please select a shipping destination (prices are game plus shipping) and then click the Buy Now button below (you don't need a PayPal account - if you don't have one PayPal will ask you to enter card details):

Shipping to:

If you would like to order multiple copies to save on postage, please email us.

Alternatively, if the price of shipping is putting you off, or you'd like to try the game, or maybe like us you just love crafting stuff you can get the print and play files for only £2. They are available in A3 (5 sheets for the cards, plus two sides of A4 for the rules), A4 (11 sheets for the cards, plus two sides for the rules) or US Letter (12 sheets for the cards, plus two sides for the rules). Just click the PayPal button below to order. If you decide you'd like to upgrade to the full hand-crafted version with hand-made box and laminated cards just let me know and I'll send you an invoice for the full price above minus the £2 you've already paid - you'll not end up paying over the odds!

Print & Play format: